The New Mexico Acequia Association does the following work for communities throughout New Mexico:

Workshops: We host numerous workshops every year for acequia elected officials and parciantes on various topics including water rights, acequia bylaws, acequia easements. We also host hands-on farm and ranch demonstration workshops that provide information about USDA programs. 

Consultation: Through our Acequia Governance Project, we also work directly with individual acequias to address questions regarding the role of acequias as local institutions of government. We also advise acequias on securing state and federal funds for acequia construction projects; and provide information about various USDA programs to individual landowners.

Communications and Outreach: We publish a quarterly newsletter and a monthly online newsletter with significant and relevant acequia information and feature stories. The NMAA also distributes valuable information via social networking through our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Youth Mentoring: In selected communities, we provide mentoring of youth through our Sembrando Semillas Project. In addition to learning traditional acequia farming and ranching, the youth are engaged in leadership development activities.

Acequia Mapping: We can develop acequia easement maps and infrastructure assessment maps for acequia communities.