HOW DO WE PROTECT OUR WATER RIGHTS? HOW DO WE GET FUNDING TO IMPROVE OUR ACEQUIA? WHAT CAN OUR ACEQUIA DO TO PROTECT OUR EASEMENTS? WHAT PROGRAMS ARE AVAILABLE TO SUPPORT FARMERS AND RANCHERS? The NMAA offers technical assistance on Acequia Governance and USDA programs for landowners. If any of these questions apply to you or your acequia, please complete the form below.

Because acequias are local governments and each one is unique, we believe that the best approach to protecting our precious water and renewing our infrastructure is to strengthen the leadership of local acequias. Our work on Acequia Governance includes updates of bylaws, infrastructure planning, easement protection, water transfer regulation, financial reporting, and other matters relating to powers and responsibilities as local units of government.

Water is the lifeblood of our acequias and the parciantes (irrigators) are the lifeblood of the acequia. For this reason, in 2010 NMAA started an effort to support landowners who want to keep their land in agricultural production. NMAA highly encourages landowners to participate in USDA programs that provide cost share for soil and water conservation practices (NRCS programs) and that can help to address weather-related crop or livestock losses (FSA programs).