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Acequia water is the lifeblood that feeds New Mexico's farms and ranches, replenishes our aquifers, and sustains the green ribbons of life along our rivers. In the future, we will rely on acequia water and farmland as a source of locally grown food. Therefore, we must defend our water and land for generations.

Our families and spiritual traditions have taught us that water is life, el agua es la vida. However, a different worldview treats water as a commodity and that "water flows uphill to money." Regional water plans estimate that as much as half of agricultural lands and water rights will be converted to development in the next 40 years unless something is done to protect them.

NMAA has a plan to protect our water and our acequias for our children and grandchildren:

  • Protect and defend water and farmland.
  • Continue our customs and traditions for water sharing in our communities.
  • Keep our acequia flowing with good infrastructure
  • Revitalize food and agriculture traditions including the participation of youth.
  • Build a strong membership-based organization with leadership from throughout New Mexico.

Some of our most significant accomplishments of the past few years have been our outreach and education on acequia governance, our changes in state law through the legislative process, and our support of local projects to renew agriculture and irrigation infrastructure.

  • Over 400 acequias have updated their bylaws, most of which also inserted language for regulating water transfers.
  • Over 100 acequias have completed Infrastructure Capital Improvement Plans with many of them acquiring needed state and federal funds to replace or repair compuertas, desagues, or other irrigation works.
  • Up to 300 individual acequia leaders join us annually for the Congreso de las Acequias where we host educational workshops, acequia awards, and opportunities to network with other acequia leaders and statewide policymakers.

We were the force behind the passage of several laws protecting acequia water rights and strengthening acequia governance including the following:

  • Laws establishing acequia regulatory power over water transfers and authority to operate local water banks to protect water rights from loss for non-use
  • Improved definition of acequia easements and stronger enforcement powers to protect easements and to prevent illegal use of water
  • Clarification of acequia immunity from tort claims and eligibility to participate in state risk management for other types of coverage, and
  • Closed loopholes on unlimited impoundment of surface water which could impair downstream senior water rights.

The NMAA is a charitable, educational non-profit organization that relies on membership contributions and foundations for its general operating expenses. Please join as a member today and consider a donation. We rely on folks who join as members and to contribute membership dues and donations to support our work. It has never been more important to have a united front to protect our acequias and strengthen our food and agricultural traditions.