NOW! Please join us as we celebrate our 25th year of advocacy for New Mexico’s acequias! "Poco a poco se anda lejos: Honoring Centuries of Acequia History & Celebrating 25 Years of Acequia Advocacy," the 15th annual Congreso de las Acequias will take place on Saturday, November 15th. This year the Congreso will be held in the beautiful Taos Valley, which has one of the richest concentrations of acequias in the state. The event is co-sponsored by Taos Valley Acequia Association and the Taos Soil and Water Conservation District. We encourage you to take advantage of the $20 early bird registration fee if you register before October 31st (see registration form below).

The Congreso de las Acequias is the state-wide governing body of the NMAA, comprised of regional delegates across the state. The annual meeting is held in the fall of each year to pass resolutions that guide the strategic direction of the NMAA, and to elect the eleven-member Concilio. Every year, we're drawing in more and more folks who are dedicated to the cause. The NMAA hopes to continue building the movement throughout the state, protecting our land and water resources for future generations of acequia farmers and ranchers.