The NMAA tracked the following bills this 2012 legislative session. Click here for abbreviations.



Bill/Memorial Number
Current Committee Location
HJM 17 B. Lujan Recognition of the NM Acequia Commission PASSED
HJM 10
M. Garcia Study cooperation between Acequias in MRGCD. PASSED
HB 243 R. Gonzales Status of water rights under lease House Rules & Order of Business

[8] not prntd-HRC

SB 200 P. Griego Land conservation tax credit – removal of tax credit (in certain circumstances) for landowners who implement conservation easement. Senate Conservation

[2] SCC/SCONC/SFC-SCC [4]germane-SCONC

HB 73 D. Tripp Stock Water Rights on Federal Lands House Appropriations and Finance [2] HAGC/HAFC-HAGC [8] DP-HAFC
HB 84
N. Gentry Appeal of State Engineer Decisions House Rules & Order of Business

[2] not prntd-HRC

HB 120
R. Vigil Acequia and Ditch Employees in PERA House Rules & Order of Business [2] not prntd-HRC
SB 104
J. Ryan Use of Conservation Tax Credit Water House Calendar [2] SCC/SCONC/SCORC/SFC-SCC-germane-SCONC [9] DNP-CS/DP-SCORC [10] DP-SFC [13] DP – fl/a- PASSED/S (37-0) [19] HAGC/HTRC-HAGC [23] DP-HTRC [24] DP
SB 141
P. Griego Agricultural Transportation Tax Credit Senate Finance


SJM 15
G. Ortiz y Pino Study Acequias and MRGCD Cooperation House Calendar [1] SRC/SCONC-SRC [9] DP-SCONC [10] DP [16] PASSED/S (37-0) [23] HAGC [24] DP