Acequia News

Join the Movimento en Defensa del Agua Today!

Acequia Day March 2017 -Photo taken by Seth Roffman, Green Fire Times Acequias continue to be the lifeblood of our communities, providing nourishment... Read More

Acequia Governance Tips: Easements

Acequia Rio de la Vaca -Photo taken by Thomas Hamm  Acequia Easement An acequia community is only as strong as the parciantes that... Read More

Fracking in the Greater Chaco

By Beata Tsosie-Pena, Kayleigh Warren, Marissa Naranjo and Marian Naranjo   Marian Naranjo is founder and director of Honor Our... Read More

Make the Most of your Spring Annual Membership Meetings!

  Taos Valley Acequia Association Meeting -Photo taken by Taos News Acequias have a long history of annual meetings and have their... Read More

Santolina Update

Contra Santolina March & Tractor Brigade -Photo taken by NMAA Staff The proposed Santolina development covers a boundary from Interstate... Read More

Call to Action: El Primer Agua-1st Day of Water

El Primera Agua on Acequia Madre del Rio Chiquito, Taos NM- Photo taken by Theresa Webb   Beloved Parciantes,   Las... Read More